79Beta, LLC’s mission is to provide news, data, analytics, and research on Gold to sophisticated investors globally. 79Beta, LLC’s objective is to enable users to be fully informed participants in the Gold market.

There are two fundamental principals that will inform 79Beta’s future.  First, the highest ethical standards will be adhered to. Strict adherence to the highest ethical practices is critical to 79Beta’s long-term success.

Second, technology and human input will hold equal weight. Advances in technology, specifically computing technology, have enabled new possibilities and unparalleled productivity gains.  However, human input, insight, and real world perspective are essential to deliver impactful and accurate information.  Equal reliance on technology and human capital will lead to 79Beta achieving its mission.

While some market participants overly focus on short term movements in the price of Gold and related financial instruments, 79Beta, LLC focuses on fundamental long-term analysis.