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Sovereign Mints (two characters and “M” for Mint)
• United States Mint | USM
• Royal Canadian Mint | CAM
• Muenze Oesterreich AG | MOM
• South African Mint Company | SAM
• Turkish State Mint | TSM
• China Gold Coin Incorporated | M

Gold Miners (two characters and “GM” for Gold Miner)
• Goldcorp Incorporated | GCGM

Central Banks (two characters and “CB” for Central Bank)
• United States Federal Reserve System | USCB

Futures Exchanges (two characters and “E” for Exchange)
• Shanghai Gold Exchange | SGE
• Tokyo Commodity Exchange | TCE
• Commodity Exchange | CEE
• Multi Commodity Exchange of India | MCE

Other (custom)
• International Monetary Fund (IMF)
• Bank of International Settlements (BIS)
• London Bullion Market Association (LBMA)
• World Gold Council (WGC)